About Matt Nield

I'm the Development Manager at Ridgeway - an Oxfordshire based digital agency. Predominantly, I have worked in web development since the late 90s and over the years has understandably gained a wealth of knowledge from across the industry.

About me

My particular areas of interest are .Net and CMS development. Having worked with Microsoft CMS, Sharepoint, and EPIServer, I am currently focussed on Kentico CMS and exploring the possibilities that it offers.

At Ridgeway, my core responsibilities are devoted to developing and growing the delivery team and exploring new technologies and practices that can improve the way we work - providing progression for the team and value to our clients.

About this site

This site started out as an experiment in using Kentico Cloud but also a challenge from a freind to build myself a blog. From having maintained a blog a long time ago, I recall quite enjoying the challenge. And anyway, wasn't is Sott Hanselman who said every developer should have a blog?

This site will start off simple and hopefully improve over time. I have a couple of challenges including:

  1. Learning Kentico Cloud
  2. Relearnign MVC (it's been a few years since I last used it)
  3. Figuring out how to host on Azure
  4. Using and learnign fun/useful free thigns to make the site better
    • Disqus
    • CloudFlare for CDN & SSL
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Twitter Cards & Open Graph