Reading list - January 2018

Jan 31, 2018

Each month, I go through my browser history to look at the posts and articles that I have read. It seems like it may be worth sharing these to help spread the love! Includes articles about Azure, GDPR, and Kentico Cloud amongst others (as well as a sneaky podcast).

Serverless Azure with Jeff Hollan

OK, so this technically isn't a 'read', its a podcast from .NET Rocks.  The subject matter here is something that feels very much inspirational to me - stop worrying about servers and virtual machines and get on with the things that you need to do.  The key to these service offerings is to use what you can when you can, rather than  a big-bang approach to moving into a fully serverless world.

Listen to the podcast

GDPR – A Practical Guide For Developers 

You’ve probably heard about GDPR. The new European data protection regulation that applies practically to everyone. Especially if you are working in a big company, it’s most likely that there’s already a process for getting your systems in compliance with the regulation.  This article contains some practical tips to address some of the issues from a developers view-point.

Read 'GDPR – A practical guide for developers'

GDPR in Kentico 11

Ah, this topic really is hotter than hot at the moment.  With Kentico 1 touting some great support for GDPR, I've been spending some time experimenting with the solution now available in Kentico 11 EMS and putting together a few demos to show off at work.  These two pages are great places to start reading up (if you haven't already that is). 

Read 'Tracking consents in Kentico 11'

Read' GDPR Compliance: Kentico 11 Documentation'

Azure Webjobs and Site Extensions

As I've been rebuilding my site recently, I've been attempting to make sure that the performance of the pages is reasonably good using Google Page Speed Insights.  I really fell across these Azure site extensions while looking for a way to minify CSS and HTML, and was impressed with how simple they were to setup on my Azure instance.  I need to experiment with these a little more to get the full potential from them.  I'd definitely recommend taking a look.

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Automating Your Kentico Cloud Content with Azure Logic Apps

This is a great article put together by Bryan Soltis on using the power of Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions to help automate your content flow with Kentico Cloud.  Taking advantage of the Kentico Cloud webhooks, Bryan runs through a scenario of using a combination of  Logic Apps and Functions to post Twitter based on content actions in Kentico Cloud.

Read 'Automating Your Kentico Cloud Content with Azure Logic Apps'

Patterns and Practices in C# 7

There are a lot of articles about telling us what is awesome about C# 7 (my particular nerdy favorite being pattern matching expressions for some reason that I can't put my finger on).  This article by Jonathan Allen puts a slightly different spin on the topic, by asking whether you should use some of these new features and when to be perhaps more cautions (such as tuple returns in public APIs).  Not only does this article do a great job of giving some examples of the new features, but also give you a handy set of guidelines for each.

Read 'Patterns and practices in c# 7'